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Tradition vs. Technology

StudyFetch is here to make it easier than ever for educators, students, and even the folks at home to study smarter than ever.

Posted on 12/27/2023

How many times have you heard the saying “Back in my day”? Sometimes it seems like everyone around us is fixated on the past. Teachers fear the new waves of Artificial Intelligence, parents are lost on the terminology, and students struggle to succeed. The way we process information is getting flipped on its head as technological advancements make leaps and bounds into AI. Every day new AI are being created and trained to not only learn from us, but to then teach us as well. How can we keep up?

StudyFetch is here to make it easier than ever for educators, students, and even the folks at home to study smarter than ever. While traditional notes and school supplies have been at the top of the game, StudyFetch blows them all out of the water. Ready to put your classics to the test?

Hand-written Flashcards vs. AI generated Flashcards

Traditionally flashcards have been tediously written by hand, one by one, usually taking up hours of precious study time. These flashcards are made by pen on paper and are often easily blemished, destroyed, or lost. With AI generated Flashcards here on StudyFetch they are made within minutes by AI from your imported notes, videos, and pdfs. Made by AI in your computer and saved to your account forever, these flashcards will never be broken! The classics have flair and the personal touch of handwriting. AI generated flashcards are fully customizable and come with an AI tutor.

In-Person vs. AI tutor

Your classic in-person tutor can be costly and inefficient. They are only available for a set period of time that may or may not be conducive to learning. Many students cannot afford the high rates of a personal tutor or may not have the time to attend in-person meetings. With StudyFetch’s AI tutor Spark.E, studying has never been easier as you have tutoring available 24/7. The average rate for in-person tutoring is around $35 an hour, whereas the monthly rate for StudyFetch’s paid plan comes in as low as 8 dollars. Our AI tutor not only learns and grows with each day of experience, but also benefits you financially.

Normal Class Notes vs. LiveLecture

StudyFetch has created a modern marvel of studying technology. Not only does Live Lecture record, transcribe, and copy what your professor presents, it also takes active notes. Our AI then transforms these notes into flashcards, practice tests, and studysets. When writing traditional notes, papers get misplaced, ink gets smudged, pages are torn and students can struggle to keep up with their professors. Those problems fade away with LiveLecture. The old ways of studying takes up valuable time just in creating the materials. Now students can run their studying drills, focus on absorbing the material, and spend less time crafting the tools. Teachers also benefit from less mess, and homework they can’t lose!

By exploring and using StudyFetch’s products students not only grow their own intelligence but Spark.E’s as well. Even parents can make their own study set to meet their new year’s resolution of studying a new language, paying attention in meetings (at least on paper), or making flashcards of everyone’s name in the office to appear more personable. Give your students the edge they deserve in this new frontier of Artificial Intelligence.

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