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StudyFetch: 2024’s Secret Weapon for Acing Exams

For the anxious testers comes the practice test feature! Our AI generates a highly accurate test relating to the course material and flashcards created.

Posted on 2/20/2024

Has this school year left you feeling defeated? You’re not alone. Here on StudyFetch, our users are students who have been in your shoes and want to turn those grades into A’s. Using hit tools like LiveLecture and Spark.E, you can too. If you haven’t followed along in 2023, let us introduce ourselves. Welcome to StudyFetch: your AI tutor from the future. 

If your New Year’s resolution this year is to improve your grades then you are in the right place. StudyFetch is a community of like-minded students who are using the power of AI for greater things than turning their homework in. Here you get customized and personal study sets made directly from your class materials and notes. Pen and paper? Scan it and throw it in! Typed notes? Share the document. Youtube video? Send the link! Our AI does the planning, prepping, and assembling of your studyset for you in under 5 minutes! That’s hours of studytime gained back so that you can take back your weekend, sleep schedule, or grades! 

We know that organizing your notes is long and tedious and some students don’t even bother to re-write or organize. With our masterful AI, your chicken scratch becomes a work of art as we keep the original copy and creates enhanced notes for your flashcards and practice tests to reference from. With videos an original transcript is copied down for visual learners who would prefer to read and for you to fact-check the note sheet. These notes are organized with bullet points and proper spacing for easy reading and can be edited at any time to your preference. 

From notes to mighty flashcards, your course materials transform into the ultimate tool for memorization. All your big concepts and subjects of the course can be found here for you to refer to. Students who spend even 10 minutes on their flashcards here on StudyFetch each day have found remarkable improvement in their grades. These flashcards are your chance to practice until you find perfection. Then you’re ready to practice test!

For the anxious testers comes the practice test feature! Our AI generates a highly accurate test relating to the course material and flashcards created. Students have reported back saying that taking one of these practice test often feels like the real deal and helps to relieve that testing anxiety. This is a game-changer for students as heightened anxiety can lead to brain fog, short-term and long-term memory loss, and worse grades over time. Be prepared for whatever your class throws at you in the New Year! 

Speaking of new, the latest feature to join us here on StudyFetch is LiveLecture, an AI artwork that needs no introduction. LiveLecture records your lectures in real time and transcribes every word. Simply hit “record”, and follow along! Now you have clean, easy-to-read, and pristine notes created by your very own studybuddy AI. Gone are the days of forgetting a pencil, running out of paper, and struggling to read your own writing. All you need to remember is your computer and best friend StudyFetch. 

Speaking of best friends, one final way to change the game this year is with your very own private tutor. Using our premium subscription you can study with Spark.E, StudyFetch’s very own AI persona dedicated to helping you ace every test and nail your finals! Ask him questions about the course materials and get custom answers based on your prompt! Spark.E never judges even if it is a stupid question. 

Ready to bring those grades up in 2024? Sign up with StudyFetch today and experience how AI can change your grades and your life. 

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