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5 Strategic Ways StudyFetch Elevates Your Grades

Your study sets are tailored by you for each class or subject you’re trying to learn, crafted by our highly accurate AI.

Posted on 2/20/2024

We all struggle at times to stick to our study schedules and goals for the year. You may have set your sights on a pretty high resolution, or are looking for a way to impress your peers and parents. If you’re a student looking to learn and achieve big things this year, look no further than StudyFetch. We are academia’s solution to sleepless nights, time management, organization, and AI. Want to learn about AI with AI? Your studysets are tailored by you for each class or subject you’re trying to learn, crafted by our highly accurate AI. Let’s explore 5 ways you can utilize StudyFetch to maximize your grade gains. 

  1. Learning with Live Lecture

LiveLecture is the latest and greatest feature here on StudyFetch, proving the impossible of AI technology. Using LiveLecture students can press record on StudyFetch and sit back as both a transcript of their lecture and comprehensive notes are taken in real time. No more losing track of a presentation or missing that one big piece of information that just happens to be on the test. Not only do your lectures get transcribed, the notes are also turned into flashcards and practice tests within your studyset!

  1. Finessing those Flashcards

Students have found that logging in each day and studying their flashcards has shown as much as a ten percent increase in their grades. Not only are they getting those reps in, they also maintain their studystreak which reminds students to log in daily in order to get to the top of the leaderboard and maintain good study habits. Flashcards are customizable and ready to go no matter when you need to study. You can even study from your phone!

  1. Practice makes Perfect

Once you have those flashcards down, it’s time for the real challenge. Studyfetch’s AI crafts accurate and precise tests for students to practice with until they’re prepared for greatness. Every practice tests begins with the option to customize the number of questions and the types of questions shown. This gives students the power to unlock the highest possible accuracy to the real deal and lowers testing anxiety. No more worrying about what you’ll face on the latest midterm, we got it on lock on StudyFetch. Students can even ask their AI tutor Spark.E for help with any questions they’re struggling with or concepts that fly over their heads. 

  1. Terrific Tutoring

Spark.E is an AI-powered tutor that also comes customizable to users here on StudyFetch. Need big in depth answers? Tell Spark.E to describe with detail and accurate language. Need simple suggestions? Ask Spark.E what you should do for your next class project or for inspiration for your papers. Want to have some fun while you study? You can prompt Spark.E to be a Pirate captain, Drill Sargent, or grumpy old man. The possibilities are endless! Learning has never been more fun or engaging than when you study with your new best friend Spark.E 

  1. Staying on Streak

Our devoted users always log in daily to keep their studystreak alive and challenge themselves. Each day you log into Studyfetch and use your study sets you add another point to your streak and climb the leaderboard. Students love this reminder in the age of social media and snapchat as the reminder keeps them on task and away from procrastination. Students who log in every day have seen substantial improvement to their grades and mental health. 

Are you ready to change the way you study for good? StudyFetch is here to elevate those who are ready to learn and find success in the classroom. Ditch the pen and paper and come boost those grades with us!

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